The Inetlab SMPP library implements SMPP protocol for two-way SMS messaging over TCP/IP. It allows to communicate with the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) or SMS provider. Using the library, you can send SMS messages to customers, receive messages from mobile devices and process delivery receipts. It supports long text messages in any encoding.

This is a robust SMPP framework for building production-grade solutions. Inetlab SMPP is helpful in such tasks as:

The Inetlab SMPP library is fully compliant with SMPP specifications v3.3, v3.4, v5.0 and comes with a comprehensive set of code samples. Enjoy exploring our demo applications, knowledge base and best support from our development team. Inetlab developers will review your code and even analyze your Wirshark network SMPP data logs!


SMPP Client

SMPP client integrates SMS functionality into your application. It serves for connecting to an SMSC over TCP/IP, sending and receiving short messages from the SMSC. The class implements events fired on receiving messages from mobile network. It also provides tools for programming interactions with any USSD center.

SMPP Client Features


  • Sending long Text messages as concatenated segments
  • Sending Binary messages
  • Sending Flash SMS
  • Sending WAP Push
  • Receiving SMS messages from mobile phones
  • Intuitive SMS building with fluent interface
  • Connection recovery with SMPP server
  • Working with any language including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Greek and Unicode messages support
  • Reliable bulk SMS-sending more than 1000 messages per second rate
  • SSL/TLS support
  • Diagnostic Metrics
SMPP Client Demo

SMPP Server

SmppServer class is a main building block for anyone willing to provide SMPP services for customers. It allows developers to start SMPP server and accept plenty of concurrent connections from clients. Processing concatenated messages, tracking delivery reports and interacting with third-party load-balancers is fairly straightforward with the library. SmppServer is based on async- multi-thread architecture (Task-based asynchronous pattern) and provides an extremely high stability level.

SMPP Server Features


  • Multiple concurrent client connections support
  • Receiving SMS messages from connected clients
  • Sending Concatenated Text messages
  • Sending Delivery receipts
  • Message status query support
  • Message rate limit and throttling
  • Ability to forward received messages to next SMPP server
  • SSL/TLS support
  • Diagnostic Metrics
  • Tests availability of client with enquiry_link command
  • Proxy Protocol for load-balancing support
SMPP Server Demo
Message Types & Encodings

Message Types & Encodings

The Inetlab SMPP .NET component supports all necessary character sets including GSM 03.38 and Unicode. It operates in any language including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian and Greek.

The following message types are supported:

  • Short text SMS
  • Long text messages as concatenated SMS parts
  • Binary messages
  • USSD operations
  • Flash SMS
  • WAP Push
PDU creation and manipulation

PDU creation and manipulation

SMS messages are transferred over a network as Protocol Data Units (PDUs). The Inetlab SMPP library implements all types of SMPP commands and responses. It includes SMS builder fluent-interface for simple and intuitive PDU creation without worrying about message text length. There is also a special MessageComposer class helping to get full message text from a sequence of concatenated parts.



Logging features are very important for any developer to test and debug the software at development and production stage. The Inetlab SMPP component includes logging interfaces for peeking inside each operation performed. Well-formed log saves your time!

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Prices and License Options

Inetlab.SMPP - Trial Version


Inetlab.SMPP is free for development and testing usage.

  • The Trial version may be used for private evaluation purposes only.
  • Developers can test the functionality of Inetlab.SMPP without paying for a license.
  • The library should not be published in any internet nor intranet project until an appropriate license is purchased.
  • Trial Version adds "[TRIAL]" to the message text.


Inetlab.SMPP - Developer License

Developer License

Designed for single developers and small teams.

  • May be used to develop an unlimited number of applications.
  • May be used by 3 developers. Source Code license must be used for companies with more than 3 developers.
  • Includes 1 year subscription for support and updates.
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excluding VAT.
Inetlab.SMPP - Source Code License

Source Code License

Designed for companies and advanced developers.

  • Includes full C# source code. No hidden 'Black Box' code.
  • Make custom modification to satisfy your specific needs.
  • You can navigate through library code with the debugger.
  • Deep integration into your project.
  • Improved performance over Developer version.
  • May be used by you or your company to develop an unlimited number of applications.
  • May be used by an unlimited number of developers within your enterprise.
  • Includes 1 year subscription for priority support and updates.
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excluding VAT.