Inetlab.MMS.MM7 is a .NET library for sending and receiving MMS messages via MM7 protocol. The library communicates using XML-based SOAP with attachments messaging format, and relies on the HTTP as a transfer protocol. This is the easiest way to connect your Value-Added Service to any Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) and vice versa. This .NET component is extremely helpful for creating MMS Sever and MMS Client applications for both VASP and MMSC.

MMSC can use this library to provide MMS messaging for VASP customers. Thus, MM7Server able to operate in the MMSC mode, as well as MM7Client instance delivers MMS messages to the VASP endpoints.

Add reference to Inetlab.MMS.MM7 component in your .NET project and get advanced MMS tools in few clicks. It does not require you to learn a lot about protocols and MMS. The library has a range of classes and methods, providing both basic and advanced MMS capabilities.

Common scenarios based on our library are:

For content provider (VASP):


The Inetlab.MMS.MM7 component fully implements MM7 interface for MMS messaging. Use our code snippets and Visual Studio Demo-solution as a starting point for own MMS-based Service. You can rely on our development team for technical support and code review.


MM7 Client

MM7 Client Features


  • Fast MMS sending via HTTP
  • Easy loading and sending MMS messages from a SMIL file
  • Sending/receiving multi-part messages
  • Sending Read-Reply reports
  • Sending DRM-protected content
  • Operating in VASP and MMSC mode
  • Delivering MMS and receipts to VASP endpoints in the MMSC mode
  • Submitting MMS to MMSC in the VASP mode
  • SSL/TLS support
SMPP Client Demo

MM7 Server

MM7 Server Features


  • Operates as a standalone HTTP server
  • Can handle requests using ASP.NET Http Handler in IIS server
  • Can be used as ASP.NET Core Middleware
  • Thread-safe, i.e. supports multiple concurrent connections
  • Provides events related to sending/receiving/confirming
  • Includes tools for extracting text, audio and video information from messages
  • Supports multi-part messages
  • Can be started in VASP or MMSC mode
SMPP Server Demo
Message Types & Encodings


  • Support for images, audio and video files
  • Support for all content types recommended by Open Mobile Alliance
  • Fail-proof encoding/decoding of MIME messages with attachments
  • Decode MMS PDU defined in the MMS Encapsulation Specification


Proper logging is extremely helpful when making messaging applications. The Inetlab.MMS.MM7 component provides advanced logging methods for console and file operations.


Get started. Code Samples

Prices and License Options

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 - Trial Version


  • The Trial version is for private evaluation purposes only.
  • Developers can test the functionality of Inetlab.MMS.MM7 without paying for a license.
  • The library should not be published in any internet nor intranet project until an appropriate license is purchased.
  • Includes sample applications.
  • Trial version delays message sending in 5 minutes after the first message.


Inetlab.MMS.MM7 - Developer License

Developer License

  • Develop an unlimited number of applications.
  • Up to 3 developer seats. A Source Code license must be used for teams with more than 3 developers.
  • Includes sample applications.
  • Includes 1-year subscription for support and updates.
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excluding VAT.
Inetlab.MMS.MM7 - Source Code License

Source Code License

  • Includes full C# source code. No hidden 'Black Box' code.
  • Make custom modification to satisfy your specific needs.
  • Navigate through library code with the debugger.
  • Deep integration into your project.
  • Improved performance over Developer version.
  • Develop an unlimited number of applications.
  • Unlimited number of developers within your enterprise.
  • Includes sample applications.
  • Includes 1-year subscription for priority support and updates.
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excluding VAT.