SMS receiving problem & Licence purchase by WebMoney

.NET library for SMPP protocol
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SMS receiving problem & Licence purchase by WebMoney

Post by orunbek » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:37 am

Recently I have downloaded the trial version of your product Inetlab.SMPP.NET.
From all other similar programs, your program was pleasant on functionality and under the price most. I use your component for reception and sending SMS through the SMS centre of the cellular operator.
But there is a some problems. The first, after connection to the SMS centre some time, approximately minutes 10, it is impossible to receive it SMS from the SMS centre though they there are. In approximately 10 minutes start to arrive SMS. Communicated with experts of the SMS centre, they speak that on their party no problems are present, there can be it restrictions of the trial version?
The second, the question concerning licence acquisition, at me is not present possibility to buy through PayPal, I can buy through WebMoney.
Help to solve these questions, please.


P.S. Sorry for my ugly english :-)