Help related to DeliveryReceipt

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Help related to DeliveryReceipt

Post by emad.samy » Mon May 08, 2017 11:04 am

We use last version of Inetlab V1.1 and need some clarifications according to the following :

1- DeliveryReceipt sent to client many times for the same messageid, Is there a way to send stop that after first time I received DeliveryReceipt ?
2- Is DeliveryReceipt affect enquirelink since my clients has disconnected after awhile when receive DeliveryReceipt
3- Is TPS is shared between submit message and DeliveryReceipt since I got Throttled when submit message and receive DeliveryReceipt ?

Kindly if any advises with code snippets will be high appreciated

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Re: Help related to DeliveryReceipt

Post by alt » Mon May 08, 2017 3:09 pm

Hi emad.samy

1) It should stop after DeliverSmResp with Stauts = ESME_ROK.
Please enable library log to be sure that you don't throw exception in evDeliverSm handler.

Please also note that for concatenated messages you receive several MessageIds and several DeliveryReceipts.

2. Client sends EnquireLink to the server when there are no other PDU was sent during EnquiryInterval seconds. It means client won't send EnquireLink if you frequently send PDU to the server.

3. SendSpeedLimit does limit sending only for request PDU SubmitSm, SubmitMulti, and not for DeliverSmResp.
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